• The site-based decision making committee (SBDM) is composed of representatives from professional school staff, teachers, parents, the community, and businesses. Additionally, school faculty and staff serve on subcommittees which are responsible for reviewing confidential school data and reporting aggregate findings back to the main SBDM committee. Currently, Anaya Elementary has four standing subcommittees. Each subcommittee corresponds to one of the four district goal areas for the campus improvement plan.

    Subcommittee #1: Student Achievement

    • Laura Torres (Assistant Principal)*
    • Berta Cantu (Principal)**

    Data and goals remained the same for 2020-2021 school year. Goals were revised in light of 2020 BM #2 performance. Under normal circumstances, this subcommittee would have more membership.

    Subcommittee #2: Closing the Gaps

    • Jose Sepulveda (Reading Specialist)*
    • Laura Quiroz (Librarian)**
    • Jessica Perez (Teacher)
    • Beatriz Lackey (Teacher)
    • Berta Cantu (ex officio)
    • Laura Torres (ex officio)

    Subcommittee #3: Improving School Safety, Public Support, Culture & Climate

    • Roel Luna (Counselor)*
    • Rebekah Valdez-Cantu (Teacher)**
    • Christina Rangel (Teacher)
    • Alicia Flores (Teacher)
    • Berta Cantu (ex officio)
    • Laura Torres (ex officio)

    Subcommittee #4: Increasing Staff Quality, Recruitment & Retention

    • Andrew Wirt (CLL)*
    • Mario Sanchez (Teacher)**
    • Elena Hernandez (School Nurse)
    • Graciela Rodriguez (Teacher)
    • Hilda Hernandez (Teacher)
    • Berta Cantu (ex officio)
    • Laura Torres (ex officio)

    * Subcommittee Chair

    ** Assistant Subcommittee Chair