• What is the SBDM?

    The SBDM is a committee made up of teachers, school personnel, parents, business leaders and community members. The goal of the SBDM is to advise the principal on decisions they make. The SBDM advises campus decisions in areas of planning, budgeting, curriculum, staff development, and school organization. Texas law, board policy, and PSJA guidelines govern the business of the SBDM.

    At the beginning of the year, members are responsible for creating or revising the campus improvement plan (CIP). The CIP is our plan for improving the school for students, parents, and the community. It also has a plan for teacher professional development, which the SBDM approves. Throughout the year, the SBDM meets to discuss the status of the campus and our progress with the campus improvement plan.

    Every year, at least one SBDM meeting is open to the public. At this public meeting, the SBDM shares the results of the state accountability report. This helps us make sure that all parents, teachers, and community members can stay updated about how our campus is doing.


    How can I get involved?

    Interested in serving on the SBDM? Contact our school! Occasionally we have vacancies for teacher, parent, business, or community members on the SBDM. These vacancies will be posted to the school website.


    State & School Board Policy

    The activities of the SBDM are governed by federal, state, and school board policy and guidelines. To learn more, visit the PSJA School Board website. You can also read the specific state and local policies in "Section B - Local Governance" (linked below):

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  • Professional Staff & Teacher Representatives

    • Bertha Cantu, Principal & SBDM Chair
    • Laura Torres, Assistant Principal & SBDM Assistant Chair
    • Alicia Flores, Teacher
    • Christina Rangel, Teacher
    • Elena Hernandez, School Nurse
    • Graciela Rodriguez, Teacher
    • Hilda Hernandez, Teacher
    • Mario Sanchez, Teacher
    • Beatriz Lackey, Resource Teacher
    • Jose Sepulveda, Reading Specialist
    • Roel Luna, Counselor
    • Rebekah Valdez-Cantu, Teacher
    • Jessica Perez, Teacher
    • Andrew Wirt, Collaborative Learning Leader
    • Laura Quiroz-Torres, Librarian

    Parent Representatives

    • Alma Garza, Parent
    • Liliana Gomez, Parent

    Community Representatives

    • Eddie Anaya, Community Leader
    • Position Vacant. If interested, please contact school.

    Business Representatives

    • Position Vacant. If interested, please contact school.
    • Position Vacant. If interested, please contact school.