PSJA Virtual Family Learning Academies


    April 2021 Virtual Family Learning Academies Schedule


    PSJA Virtual Family Learning Academies Schedule


    All Virtual Family Learning Academies will be available through Facebook Live. No registration required!


    Tune in to the Academies during your preferred session on our PSJA Parental Engagement Program Facebook page.



    Tuesday, April 13, 2021

    Topic: Cyber Safety and the Internet!

    Description: Regional Justice Consultant Representative Rosa Martinez will share with parents the importance of the internet, how to identify inappropriate content, and cyberbullying. Safety measures for students will be addressed. Join us today.


    6:00 pm    English Session

    6:30 pm    Spanish Session



    Tuesday, April 20, 2021

    Topic: Migrant Education Program

    Description: PSJA Migrant Program Director Yolanda Gomez, Counselor Hilda Araiza, and Specialists Erica Munguia and Marlen Perez will present an overview of the district’s migrant program. They will be available to answer questions on program qualifications, benefits and academic opportunities for all Migrant Students.


    6:00 pm    English Session

    6:30 pm    Spanish Session



    Tuesday, April 27, 2021

    Topic: Special Education and Autism Awareness

    Description: Special Education Social Workers Daisy Zuniga and Nancy Saenz will present on our Special Education Program and Autism services.


    6:00 pm    English Session

    6:30 pm    Spanish Session