• Mission Statement

    PSJA Sonia M. Sotomayor PTECH High School is committed to the success of teen mothers by providing an opportunity to acquire a high school diploma, industry certificates, and opportunities to acquire college hours.  We are prepared as educational leaders to connect all students with innovative instruction, outstanding facilities, technology, skills, and social-emotional support while prioritizing health and safety for all – from early childhood through their chosen career. This will be accomplished through our actions regarding an open line of communication with all stakeholders to ensure all students and teachers are held accountable for their goals.

    • What We Believe In
      Guiding Principles
      •Commitment to Greatness
      •Passion For our Work
      •Live the Golden Rule
      •No Excuses
      What We Want to Accomplish

      Every student will graduate bi-literate, college ready, college connected, and college complete.