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FAQ: Back to School

  • *When is the first day of school?

    Tuesday, September 8, 2020 is the first day of school. Enrichment days from August 31 - September 4.


    *Will uniforms be required?

    No, but they are highly encouraged. To help students with social-emotional support, uniforms are recommended to provide them with school familiarity and structure. They may also wear campus spirit shirts or any other appropriate clothing, if they do not have uniforms at this time. Due to the current state of the pandemic in our area, we will not be selling uniforms until the shelter at home is lifted.


    *I did not submit the Options Form for my children, can I still submit it?

    Yes, you may still submit this form. Please visit www.psjaisd.us/options to complete it using the parent email and password used at time of registration.

    If I don't remember my username or password to complete the form, who can help me? You can email customerservice@psjaisd.us for assistance.


    *When can I know my child's teacher and when am I going to be notified to pick-up materials and devices?
    Schedules with teacher information will be uploaded to Home Access Center by Aug. 24 and devices and other resources will start being distributed the week of Aug. 31. Campuses will be contacting parents directly with the date and time. 

FAQ: Instruction

  • *What is synchronous learning?

    During synchronous learning, students are required to be present at a set time virtually for live interactive lessons with their teacher and classmates. This method of instruction will be offered for students in grades 3rd through 12th grade.


    *What is asynchronous learning?

    During asynchronous learning, students learn at their own pace and don’t have to attend certain meeting times. This method of instruction will be for students Pre-Kinder through 2nd grade. Keep in mind synchronous learning will also be available for these grades.


    *If my child is not in the Dual Language Program does he/she need to attend the 60 mins in the schedule?

    No. Modifications will be made to accommodate students who are not in the program.


    *Are students getting individual schedules?

    Elementary schools will provide schedules to parents ahead of time. Parents of secondary students (middle school and high school) can get the class schedules via the Home Access Center close to the start of the school year.


    *Will breakfast/lunch be provided during online instruction?

    Yes, meals will be provided and distributed at all district middle schools. 


    *Will attendance be taken this school year?

    Attendance will be taken daily during a controlled period. Lessons will be recorded so students who miss a class, so they can review the material and complete assignments.


    *Will students transition each period or teachers?

    Students will transition to the different classes on their schedule through Google Classroom.


    *Will there be options for in-person instruction?

    Due to the current spike in number of cases within our region for the safety of our students, families and staff the Texas Education Agency has allowed the first 4-weeks to be virtual and our School Board of Trustees has approved an additional 4-weeks of virtual school, giving us a total of 8-weeks 100% virtual. Currently, there is also the consideration of delaying the start of school for two weeks. If this is approved, we will share this information with all our parents by the end of this week. Thank you.


    *If my child gets COVID-19, will teachers be flexible?



    *Will students need to have their cameras on during class?

    This is not required, but it may vary on the lesson and activities conducted.


    *Will credit or attendance recovery be available?

    Yes, opportunities for these will be available.


    *If students don’t have internet at home, will packets be sent?

    Due to delays in device shipments because of the pandemic, packets for the first 4 weeks of virtual instruction will be provided to families without access to a computer or device. Students will receive a schedule or syllabus to know when assignments are due and options to turn them in will be available.


    *Will the district be as understanding as in the Spring?

    We don’t want students to be behind on their academics, so expectations will be higher so that students continue to receive a high-quality education.


    *What is going to happen to special needs students?

    IEPs will continue to be followed.


    *How can I check my child’s grades or progress?

    To check your child’s progress, please login through the Home Access Center using the same credentials used when registering your child.


    If students don't have technology, either their own or provided by the district, and they receive a packet how will attendance be taken?

    Daily progress and engagement will be considered