• PSJA Family, 

    Due to the current events, PSJA ISD is only allowing campuses to be open for essential purposes. Access will be on a case by case basis and facilities will only be open on Wednesdays, from 8:00-10:00 a.m. 

    We want to discourage everyone from coming to campuses/facilities; therefore, please only request access if it is necessary. 

    Hidalgo County has issued a Shelter-in-Place and the Texas Education Agency has announced an extension on the closing of schools. Our local and national leaders have highly recommended social distancing; therefore, we want to encourage everyone to follow the ordinance created by Hidalgo County authorities as detailed below. 

    The order is a 24-hour order, meaning people must always stay home, unless they are doing the following: 

    o Going to and from work (direct travel, no deviations) 

    o Going to and from a medical facility for treatment (direct travel, no deviations) 

    o Going to and from a grocery store and/or restaurant 

    Non-Essential businesses may continue operations, but the employees must work from home and not report to offices or facilities. Therefore, we are discouraging our teachers and staff from visiting our campuses and facilities. Below are the new guidelines to access campuses/facilities. Approval to access campuses/facilities will be routed in the following order: 

    1. Requester 2. Supervisor 3. Principal 4. Executive Officer/Asst. Supt. Approval 

    5. Chief Approval 6. Operations/Health Services Approval 

    The Operations Department will provide a date and time for approved employees to access the buildings. If an employee is approved, they will receive an email with a date and timeframe to enter a campus/facility. 

    If you are conducting PSJA ISD business and/or you are approved to access our buildings, you are required to provide Law Enforcement with a copy of your “Essential Personnel Letter” along with your District Identification Badge. If you have been identified as “Essential Personnel” your supervisor will provide you that letter. 

    The following link takes you to the request form https://far.psjaisd.us/. You may also find it on our MyPSJA Employee Portal under Employee Resources.


Last Modified on April 1, 2020