Public Health Instructions during a Pandemic

  • Throughout a pandemic, people may be asked or required to do things to help hold back the spread of the disease in our community.
    Here are some examples of what the Hidalgo County Health Department may ask people to do:

    People who are sick with symptoms of illness should seek immediate healthcare. Children should not go to school if they are sick. Staying home will be absolutely necessary during a pandemic to limit the spread of the disease.

    People – even those who are well – should stay away from gatherings of people such as sporting events, movies and festivals. During a pandemic, these kinds of events could be canceled because large gatherings of people help spread the virus.

    Isolation and Quarantine are public health actions used to contain the spread of a contagious disease. If asked, it will be important to follow Isolation and/or Quarantine instructions.

    ISOLATION is for people who are already ill. When someone is isolated, they are separated from people who are healthy. Having the sick person isolated (separated from others) can help to slow or stop the spread of disease. People who are isolated can be cared for in their homes, in hospitals, or other healthcare facilities depending on the illness. Isolation is usually voluntary, but local, state and federal government have the power to require the isolation of sick people to protect the public.

    QUARANTINE is for people who have been or may have been exposed to the disease but are not sick. When someone is placed in quarantine, they are also separated from others. Even though the person is not sick at the moment, they were exposed to the disease and may still become infectious and then spread the disease to others. Quarantine can help to slow or stop this from happening. States generally have the power to enforce quarantines within their borders.


Last Modified on March 11, 2020