• High School Senior Capstone Project

    A Capstone Project is a long term, in-depth investigative project about a real-world issue (career focus) culminating with a final Product, Paper, Portfolio and Presentation.


    Students develop a question or idea that is significant to the specified field of study for the student.  Grounded in the context of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the project will develop an important content area question or idea in depth and may not necessarily reflect broad contest knowledge of the field.  Additionally, the project will demonstrate the use of sophisticated and advanced research methods and the use of technology appropriate to the field of study.  The project will result in learning that is demonstrated through products or performances appropriate to and comparable in quality to those of a professional who works in the field of study.  A capstone project consists of a project portfolio: proposal, research paper, physical artifact or product, and a presentation with a question-and-answer session.