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About the Internal Audit Department

  • Mission Statement 

    Our mission is to provide quality audit services to the District. We will accomplish our mission by:

    o   Performing independent assessments of systems controls and efficiency, guided by professional standards and using innovative approaches. 

    o   Supporting our employer's efforts to achieve their objectives.

    o   Maintaining a dynamic, team oriented environment that encourages personal and professional growth.


    Anonymous Reporting


    Please ensure the information provided is as detailed and specific as possible (dates, documents, amounts, locations, etc.). Unless clearly requested otherwise, all submissions will be treated as confidential and meant for potential investigation by the Internal Audit Department. If you would like the message to be forwarded to another department, please say so. Submitting information to the Internal Audit Department in no way constitutes the initiation or request of an HR grievance.

    Information that pertains to the non-financial management of schools will be sent to the Chief Officers and/or PSJA ISD Chief of Police based on the nature of the complaint.

     In order to ensure that we maintain and improve on the quality and integrity of our services, it is important that we provide employees and the public with various methods to express concerns. The Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD created the Anonymous Reporting to provide the public and employees with an opportunity to express concerns such as:

    ·       Theft of District resources (e.g. cash, equipment, supplies or materials)

    ·       Falsification of financial records to cover up theft or embezzlement

    ·       Falsifying payroll information

    ·       Misuse of District equipment or property

    ·       Misuse or waste of District resources, including government funds

    ·       Improper activities by District officials, employees or contractors

    ·       Soliciting or accepting a bribes or kickbacks

    ·       Conflicts of interest


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