• For counselors to provide a comprehensive program to ensure every student maximizes growth in academic achievement, personal/emotional, and career development.

  • PSJA ISD students will have many opportunities to obtain necessary knowledge and skills in the areas of decisionmaking, goal-setting, problem-solving, communication and interpersonal effectiveness to become responsible and self-confident



  • Provide a collaborative/systemic approach to meet student needs

    -Learning opportunities for all students
    -Appreciate different learning styles
    -Collaborate with families and stakeholders
    -Respect family values and beliefs

    Academic & personal/social support

    -Individual counseling
    -Small group counseling
    -Classroom guidance lessons
    -Crisis intervention
    -Identifying academic strengths and exploring career interests
    -Create individualized plans for academic success
    -Advisory and college readiness support

    Support school staff, parents & community members to promote student success

    -Conferences with parents and teachers
    -Help teachers and administrators understand individual student needs
    -Collaborate on interventions and strategies for students in need of support
    -Refer students to outside agencies and therapists when necessary
    -Provide parents with support when seeking help
    -Provide information regarding available community resources


    Student and family privacy is very important. All information shared with a school counselor remains confidential unless:
    1) A student shares a plan to harm him or herself, someone harms them or if they plan to hurt someone else.
    2) There is suspicion a student may be a victim of abuse or neglect.


  • Counseling & Guidance Dept.

    601 E. Kelly Ave., Pharr, TX