• Procedures for Conducting Research

    The Department of Grants Management, Research, and Evaluation (GRE) has established procedures that are designed to:

    1. govern and orchestrate research conducted in Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District
    2. protect the confidentiality and rights of staff, students, parents and district
    3. ensure that the proposed research benefits all stakeholders of Pharr-San Juan-Alamo School District
    4. adheres to legal (i.e., FERPA, NCLB, 504) and ethical guidelines.

    The information that follows contains a list of procedures describing the process for which obtaining permission to conduct research in PSJA ISD must be followed. Failure to adhere to the process completely will result in a request being denied.

    The following applies to anyone who desires to conduct research in the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District. Both employees and non-employees of the school system are required to go through the application and screening process and receive formal approval before beginning a research study. Failure to do so is considered a violation of district policy and administrative procedures; therefore, appropriate steps will be taken when a violation occurs.

    1. Any study that involves data collection through observations, interviews, surveys/questionnaires, tests, or other methods involving human subject participants (students, their parents, or staff in the PSJA ISD System) is defined as “research” and is subject to the procedures outlined below.


    Requirements for Conducting Research

    1. Completed research application including all required forms, attachments, and copies. [NOTE: Incomplete application packets will be returned to the applicant without review.]
      1. Research Proposal Checklist
      2. External Research Request Form
    • Research Application
    1. Proposal Pre-Approval Form 
    2. Confidentiality Agreement 
    3. Investigator Commitment Form
    • Assurances Form 
    1. Approval from the Director of Grants Management, Research, and Evaluation (GRE) based on the review and recommendations of the PSJA ISD Research Review Committee.

    Approval to conduct a research study is valid for one calendar year subsequent to the RRB approval date. A new research application must be submitted if the research study has not been completed by the established deadline.

    The researcher must strictly adhere to the methodology and procedures specified in the approved application. Any change(s) to RRB-approved research must be submitted and approved by the RRB. Changes cannot be implemented until written approval is granted.


    Proposal Pre-Approval Form

    All individuals conducting research in a PSJA ISD School must submit a “Pre-Approval Proposal Form” signed and dated by the site administrator at each of the proposed school(s). This signed form indicates that the administrator has been fully informed regarding the research activities and is volunteering the school to participate in the study only if formal approval is granted by the Director of Grants Management, Research, and Evaluation (GRE) based at the recommendation of the PSJA ISD Research Review Committee.

    *participation in an independent research study is voluntary and cannot be mandated.


    Texas Department of Public Safety Background Check

    Upon receipt of written approval of the research application, all non-PSJA ISD researchers must provide PSJA ISD with a criminal history check before the official start date designated and approved by PSJA ISD – GRE Department. Only criminal history checks conducted within the last 12 months will be accepted. *Violation of these requirements may result in withdrawal of the research approval and ban of both the researcher and the sponsoring organization/employer from conducting future research activities in PSJA ISD.