Fact Checking and Introduction to Databases

  • Why do I have to check information?

    Whenever we look up information on the internet we have to be sure what we are relying on is a valid source of information.  Anyone who wants to create a website can put information out on the internet.  This results in incorrect information and results that are sometimes fake.  NOT ALL INFORMATION you find online is accurate, true, well researched, honest, useful, etc.


    How to Check if a Resource is Reputable

    1.  When you use databases (like MackinVia) all the resources are pre-screened.  It can still be a good idea to do a quick google search of the name of the author and/ or publisher just to be safe.

    • When you search in google you type the author's name and "reliable" or "reputation".  Look for red flags "scam," fraud,"unreliable," etc.

    2.  Using free websources like Google and wikipedia can be more tricky.  Information on the free web doesn't have to meet any criteria or go through any screening process before being published.  You can check how reliable a source is by using the F.A.C.T. method.  


    The F.A.C.T. Method was created by GVHSLibrary

Fact Checker Checklist
Fake News Detective

Introduction to Databases Group Projects

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