T-STEM Ambassador Program

  • Being involved in the Student Ambassador Program is a great way to meet new people, develop new skills, and play a leadership role on campus! They have a strong-work ethic, natural leadership abilities, are committed to fulfilling their academic obligations, and are role models to all perspective students.

    Ambassadors 2018-19

    Ambassadors’ Skills

    Student Ambassadors must make a commitment to the mission of the Campus and the Student Ambassador Program and possess the following personal qualities: Desire to learn, Enthusiasm, Leadership, Responsibility, Dependability, Maturity, Initiative, Dedication, and Punctuality.

    The materialization of Student Ambassadors lies in the creation of student organizations whereby guest speakers are invited and information regarding the program is relayed.

    Student Ambassadors represent the elite, diversity of Thomas Jefferson’s student body. They are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic honesty and responsible behavior required.

    The Mission

    The mission of the Student Ambassador Program in Thomas Jefferson is to provide our campus with student leaders who participate in an official capacity at special events throughout the year. This program, which brings together students from various academic disciplines and cultural backgrounds.

    In junction, provokes leadership, communication, personal and professional development for its membership while creating long lasting ties with their future alma mater.

    Rio Grande Valley (RGV) LEAD is a partnership between education and business that prepares young people for today’s skilled workforce. This partnership involves high schools, colleges and universities, large and small businesses, governmental agencies all working together!


    How to become an Ambassador

    At the Young Leader’s Summit, prospective ambassadors present on a leadership topic of their choice in groups of five and are rated on the effective demonstration of the trainings, communication, teamwork and creativity. New teams with the highest scores are notified a few weeks after the competition.