Collegiate Book Club

  • 2019-2020

    First Book Club Meeting is 9/11/19 during lunch.

    Book Club Meeting


    Our sixth book club title was The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon.

    Sun is Also a Star

    Our fifth book club title was Disappeared by Francisco Stork.



    Our fourth book club titles were Blind Date with a book picks.

    Blind Date


    Blind Date


    Our third book club titles were 

    Breakup Bible or Fahrenheit 451


     Breakup bible   Fahrenheit 451


    Our second book club will be during the 2nd-3rd six weeks.

    Our titles are:

    Ready Player One      Warcross


    Important information: 


    Book Discussion on 12/19/18 during lunch.

    Our first book club is now underway.  Our title for the 1st six weeks is:


    Book Club 1

    Important information:

    9/4/18 First meeting

    1st Book Club Leader elected: Eric Montalvo

    9/21/18 Deadline to finish this book

    9/26/18 Second meeting- during lunch

    10/2/18 Grand Finale- Movie Viewing & Book Discussion 4:10-6:00