PSJA ISD Football Game Procedures for Parents and Spectators

  • PSJA ISD Football Game Procedures for Parents and Spectators 

    The following procedures have been set up by PSJA ISD to ensure the safety of students, staff and spectators.  

    Parents Screening Procedures 

    • Screening Process to Enter PSJA Stadium: 
    • Ticket holders/Parents must be screened at a designated entrance. 
    • They must complete PSJA ISD COVID-19 survey ( 
    • QR Codes will be availbale at stadium entrance. 
    • They must have their temperature checked before entering the facility. 

    Ticket Sales Procedures 

    Tickets Sales Procedures will be limited as follows for Home and Vistors: 

    • All ticket sales will be purchased online. 
    • All tickets will be reserved tickets. 
    • Reserved ticket price is $7.00 per ticket plus an online service charge. 
    • PSJA ISD is limited to 1,000 reserved home tickets
    • Reserved Tickets will be sold in pods of 4 A minimum of 3 tickets must be purchased along with a maximum of 4 tickets. 
    • Link to purchase tickets is on the PSJA Athletic Department website. 

    Online Ticket Retrieval

    • Option 1:  Print at home option using a home printer. 
    • Option 2:  Using your smart phone, mobile tickets can be retrieved from your  reciept email and scanned at the stadium gate (rates may apply) 

    Home Ticket Sales Protocol 

    Football Players, Band, Cheer, and Drill team parents will be given first opportunity to purchase reserved tickets.  They will be given a code to purchase tickets that will be assigned to their block of tickets. 

    • Schedule of Ticket Sales 
    • Monday at 8:00 am through Gameday 
    • Tickets that are not purchased by parents will be opened to the public on Game Day.  
    • Seating arrangement: 
    • Front rows will not be utilized and every other row will be used for sitting. 
    • Ticket holders must sit in groups of  3 or 4. 

    Post Game Procedures (Exit Plan) 

    Parents and Spectators 

    • All parents/spectators must exit the facility immediately after the game. 

    Band, Dance and Cheer (They will exit after parents have exited the stadium) 

    • Band will exit through the North exit gates 
    • Dance Team will exit through the North exit gates 
    • Cheer will exit through the South exit gates.

    Concession Stands 

    • There will not be a concession stand. Guests can bring drinks in the original, unopened container.  (No disposable cups will be allowed.) 
    • Bag check: 
    • If drinks are in a bag, they must be in a clear plastic bag. 


    • Will be marked for social distancing 


    • The elevator is dedicated to individuals with mobility needs. The group in the same pod of tickets with the individual with mobility needs will be allowed to ride together.  
    • passengers will be allowed to ride together when they are seated in the same pod of tickets and must be wearing masks. 
    • passengers will only be allowed to ride together when they are not sitting in the same pod of tickets.  


    All spectators must wear a face covering and adhere to social distancing guidelines while on PSJA ISD facilities. 


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