Program Overview

  •  The PSJA Project Care Program provides affordable after-school child care services in an educational setting for elementary students (PK-5).  


    • Low cost
    • Educational activities (academic and physical)
    • Supper provided

    Enrollment Fee

    •  Due on a monthly basis and are pro-rated for months with holidays - cost of program $5.00 per eligible day
    •  Fees paid after the due date will incur a late charge of $20
    •  No tuition credits are given for absences due to illnesses or vacations
    •  Enrollment is available on a first come, first-served basis
    •  Fees are payable by cash, check or money order at the campus



    All PSJA ISD Elementary Schools with a minimum of 5 students enrolled.

    Payments 2020-2021 School Year


    Due Date







    *Please note Enrichment Camps will be charged separetly.


    • For the end of year Enrichment Camps it will be a flat fee of $20.00 (to register email   


    • For the Back to School Enrichment Camps it will be a flat fee of $20.00 (to register email



Staff Cost & Payroll Deductions

  • As a PSJA ISD Staff Member, by signing up for Project Care Payroll Deduction, your monthly payment for after school care will be automatically withdrawn from your paycheck for the upcoming monthly cycle.

    Sign-Up by:

    1. Going to Employee Access Center, once you login

    2. Click on Forms/Notices on the left-hand menu and

    3. Under Employee Resources click on the Project Care Payroll Deduction Form


Automatic Bank Drafts

  • If you would like your Project Care payments to be automatically deducted from your checking/savings account, please go by the PSJA ISD Payroll Department located at 601 E. Kelly in Pharr, to sign a Recurring Payment Authorization Form.

    You will be charged each billing period for the monthly payment that is due for that period.