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    About the Program

    Established more than 25 years ago, the PSJA ISD Project Care After-school Program offers its services to district personnel and working parents in the community. This unique program sponsored by our school district is designed with the belief that after-school hours are an opportunity to further engage children in academic, social and physical activities and continue to refine their social skills before heading home to spend the evening with their families.

    PSJA’s Project Care After-school Program provides a safe place for children while parents work. Nutritional needs are addressed with healthy meals provided at no additional cost, while educational advancement is increased.

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    • LOW CHILD-TO-ADULT RATIO: In an educational setting, this means that each child will get more personal attention; for instance, in getting tutoring or help with homework. It also provides a safer environment with more adult supervision.
    • EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES: The main focus is on tutoring and helping students with homework. Other activities are incorporated to help children do better in school through the use of computer academic programs and visits to the school’s library.
    • RELIABILITY: This is an important consideration offered to parents by our after-school program, especially if the parent works during the time the student will be at the program. We understand that parents want to know that their child will be in a safe environment. The program is available from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm during school days.
    • LOW COST: PSJA ISD charges a minimal fee to parents. Materials, utilities and salaries are some of the main expenses of the program that are covered by our fees.
    • SOCIAL INTERACTION: Social interaction is an important benefit of the after-school program. It gives the student the chance to spend more time with friends and peers. Many opportunities for social interaction are provided at Project Care Sites.
    • SOCIAL SKILLS: Students will learn to work in groups, the importance of sharing and using the “magic words” please and thank you at all time.
    • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: With the growing concern about American children not getting enough physical activity, the program provides safe outdoor activities. This includes structured activities to play outdoors.
    • NUTRITION: Project Care provides a healthy afternoon meal for students through the district’s Child Nutrition Program. Since we encourage good nutrition, parents are discouraged from sending sugared foods with their children.
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  • Expectations

    Students are expected to behave properly. To that end, Project Care will assist children in learning how to make appropriate decisions about their own behavior. Good behavior will be reinforced in positive ways, which will encourage children in their development of self-discipline and positive patterns of behavior with the other children and adults in the program. Parents will be informed when a child is not behaving properly and an incident report will be made. If necessary, parents will be called for a meeting to resolve special situations. If it is determined by the program staff that a child is unable to benefit from the program, or that he/she presents a danger to other children, or the program, the parents will be requested to withdraw the child from the program.


    • Only authorized persons may pick up a child and sign him/her out. Persons picking up students MUST BE on Sign-out list provided by parent registering student(s). 

    • Parents should show an identification if caregiver does not know them. 

    • No unauthorized persons or visitors are allowed at the Project Care sites. 

    • Project Care Caregivers are required to have Safety and CPR training. 

    • Caregivers are required to have background checks. 

    • Parents are encouraged to make themselves aware of information about the program and its operation by regularly checking for special notices sent home with their children. 

    • Parents must notify the campus principal if a child will be picked up early or absent from school. They will then notify Caregivers of their absence.

    Illness and Emergencies

    Children who are ill, i.e., runny nose, continuous cough, red throat, unexplained rash, swollen glands, head or stomach aches, or who have had a fever within the past 24 hours, should not be brought to the center. If a child should become ill, or seriously injured at the center, the parents will be notified immediately. Parents will be expected to pick up their child right away. In case of an emergency, as determined by the center staff, the paramedics will be called and the parents will be notified immediately. Parents will be responsible for all costs incurred in such emergencies. No medication will be administered at the center. It is extremely important that your phone number be current with your child’s campus and the center, so we can reach you immediately.

    Other Items to Consider

    Since our program provides a wide variety of activities, we ask that your child not bring ANY toys from home. If items from home are brought to the center, staff cannot be responsible for their safe return. It is also important to label all clothing, jackets, lunchbox and backpacks with your child’s name to avoid confusion at the end of the day. Please remember, the after-school program is only open during school days and is closed for school holidays and summer vacation.