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Ticket Sales for Band Parents

  • Parents can expedite their wait time at the gate if they complete the COVID survey on gameday before they show up to the entrance. Tickets for games will be sold on a weekly basis.

    Ticket sales: For parents of athletes, cheer, band, and drill team

    Monday 8 am to Game Day  

    Parents will need to use their students' ID number to purchase tickets.

    1. Click on link below to purchase tickets
    2. Locate game attending
    3. Choose section and tickets (limit of 4 tickets/sold in a pod of 4)
    4. When checking out, code/password (Student ID Number) will be needed to proceed
    5. Online Ticket Retrieval
      1. Option 1:  Print at home option using a home printer.
      2. Option 2:  Using your smart phone, mobile tickets can be retrieved from your reciept email and scanned at the stadium gate.


    -Covid screening link


    Public Sales

    Public Sales will begin on Game day at 8am:   (Remaining tickets will be sold to the public)

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