Logo Usage & Guidelines

  • The Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District has a new official logo, see the images below.



    This logo is designed to showcase the district's new mission of preparing all students to become College Ready, College Connected and College Complete or College3. Elements of the logo must not be re-arranged or used in any order except what is shown above. Other acceptable variations are shown below.

    Elements of the logo cannot be dissected from the overall design, stretched or scaled out of proportion. Any attempt to re-create the art, type, spacing and styling of the logo by desktop publishing or word processing will result in inconsistencies that will compromise the integrity of the logo. The logo cannot be translated.

    The Office of Public Relations must approve any project that will incorporate the PSJA logo in its production before production begins. Out-of-district entities or organizations cannot use the logo without prior consent from this office. 

    Acceptable image arrangements for the PSJA logo

    Shown here are the acceptable color/image arrangements for the PSJA logo. Click on the appropriate file type you need and follow instructions on how to download the image. The logos available for download are for internal district use only. All out-of-district entities or organizations must get an approval from the Office of Public Relations to use the logo.

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    Request a high-quality PSJA logo by contacting darline.gracia@psjaisd.us