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  • A Bright Beginning is a program designed to foster oral language and early literacy development by working with you and your child in your home. A Bright Beginning is aligned with the Revised Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines. Who is eligible for the program? 3 and 4-year old children in the Texas migrant program. How will my child benefit from a Bright Beginning? You will see an increase in your child's oral language and literacy skills and, as a result, your child will be better prepared for school. Your child will begin to understand the relationships between oral language, print and the tools of literacy. Your child will begin having experiences with writing.

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  • PSJA ISD migrant students participated in a variety of enrichment programs during summer 2018. The Project Smart Curriculum used in elementary and middle schools allowed us to make mathematics more meaningful with numerous hands-on activities. With the help of Region 1, elementary students were introduced to programming and robotics activties while our middle school students were introduced to basic U.S. History concepts. High school students are selected to attend the Migrant Summer Academy where they have the opportunity to recover courses previously failed or advancement of classes on selected courses.

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