• The Texas Migrant Interstate Program (TMIP) provides MEP staff and parents throughout the State of Texas an opportunity to recognize graduating migratory students as Exemplary Migratory Students.

    The nominated student must be a valid graduation candidate and exhibit the following criteria:

    • 90 or above Grade Point Average (GPA) OR
      • IF GPA is less than 90
        • Nominator feels the student merits recognition due to his/her qualities: leadership, community involvement, academic excellence, and /or overcoming unforeseen circumstances

    Additional documentation required for each nominee:

    • Letter of Recommendation
    • Valid Certificate of Eligibility

    All eligible migratory students receive statewide recognition at the TMIP Interstate Secondary Credit Accrual Workshop and are highlighted in the Exemplary Migratory Student publication.

    Selected honorees are invited to be panelists and address the workshop attendees. These students are recent high school graduates and are enrolled in their first post-secondary semester.


    The Texas Migrant Interstate Program has been recognizing Exemplary Migratory Students for 41 years.

    6,198 Exemplary Migratory Students have been recognized from 1981-2022.