Students interested in becoming a member of the Liberty M.S. Battling Team are required to read 5 books from the PSJA Middle School Battle of the Books List.  See contest rules provided:


    • You must read 1 book in 2 weeks
    • You must AR test with an 80% or better
    • All books (5 books) must be read by Nov. 19th
    • Students will take test on Nov. 20th
    • The students with the 8 highest scores will continue competing
    • Finally, 4 students will be selected to represent Liberty Middle School at the District level


      PSJA Battle of the Books contest will be held at Southwest ECH the end of January.



    2018-2019 Battle of the Books

    District & Regional Champions

    BOB 1


    A. Matinez, K. Antuna, T. Martinez, L. Hodges, & Author Rachel Vail




    2017-2018 Battle of the Books

    District & Regional Champions


     BOB 2


    K. Antuna, T. Martinez, A. Martinez, & E. Tirado