• Child Find/Child Serve
    Do you know a child or student aged 0-21 who shows signs of developemental delay, or on-going learning, behavioral or medical issues that interfere with learning? Any person who knows of a child struggling to learn, and who suspects a disability is at the root of that struggle, can make a referral.

    Child Find Brochure-English

    Child Find Brochure-Spanish

    How to make a Referral
    Any one of the offices below will take your referral:
    Call the Special Education Department of your local school district. If in PSJA, call (956) 354-2200.
    Call Region One ESC Child Find/Child Serve at 1-800-274-7346.
    Write Region One ESC Child Find/Child Serve at 1900 W. Schunior Edinburg, Texas, 78539.

    What is an ARD?
    The Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Committee is responsible for making the educational decisions for a child who is being considered for Special Education Services. The parents or adult students are members of the ARD committee, as are a principal, general education teacher and Special Education teacher. Educational diagnosticians, as the district's Special Education assessment leader, and other Special Education professionals such as speech pathologists and occupational therapists often participate in ARD meetings, as well.

    What is an IEP?
    The Individual Education Plan written by the ARD Committee describes the services a particular student will receive as part of the home district's special education program.


    Resource Links

                                                          Guía Para Padres                                                          Aviso Sobre Procedimiento

      ARD Guide for Parents            del Proceso de ARD            Procedural Safeguards                de Proteccion

    Parent's guide to the ARD Process     Guia Para Padres del Proceso de ARD     English Safeguards     Spanish Safeguards


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