• Texas summer programs end by the 25th of June, while most receiving states are just beginning their summer migrant programs or summer programs. Summer programs in receiving states run from the end of June through mid-August. This section contains a list of the summer programs that are available in the receiving states.


    In mid-September, the TMIP sends each Texas district’s campus Principal a report with the following information for each interstate migrant student from their campus. (As received from receiving states or from data found on MSIX)

    • Students’ enrollment in a receiving state during the academic year, or a summer program.
    • Students’ grade information from receiving state during the academic year or a summer program
    • List of students who were administered the STAAR test in a receiving state (when applicable)
    • List of students who utilized the TMIP online tutorials

    List of students that received TMIP course study guides

Summer Migrant Programs