Transfer Information

    The Office of Pupil Accounting is responsible for the timely processing of all Inter-District and Intra-District transfers within the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District. This includes all cases in which students are either entering PSJA ISD from another district or another campus within the district. This office is also responsible for handling foreign student admission inquiries, developing the District policy on student transfers, responding to parent and school personnel inquiries, and ensuring that student transfer revocation and appeals are processed in accordance to District policy. 
    The Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District will begin accepting only on-line student transfer applications for the school year at the PSJA web site . All parents/guardians interested in a transfer are encouraged to complete and submit a transfer form as early as possible during this process. All applications will be reviewed in the order they are received and processed in accordance to the District’s policies and procedures. For assistance with the form or questions about the process, please contact the Pupil Accounting Office at (956) 354-2028.



    (Residence within the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District)

    Students currently on an approved Intra-District transfer may remain at the respective campus to the highest level provided that all transfer criteria are met. Incoming 6th and 9th grade students on a previously approved transfer are not automatically assigned to the feeder campus. Student(s) must attend their respective home campus or submit a new on-line student transfer application.

    Note: All new student transfer applications require completion of the on-line registration procedures pending notification of an approved transfer.

    (Residence outside the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District)

    Students currently on an approved Inter-District transfer and continue to live outside the District boundaries, must complete a new transfer form annually. Students who wish to continue in the District must complete the on-line transfer request. New transfer requests are subject to the student’s good standing in attendance/tardies, behavior, and space availability. Transfer applications must include student’s attendance records, behavior records, and academic records, including course grades and state-mandated scores. Transfer applications with incomplete data will not be processed.

    Note: All new student transfer applications require continuous enrollment at the respective school of residence until confirmation of approval is received. Student failure to do so may result in student truancy.
    Notices regarding the status of student on-line transfer requests will be e-mailed.

    • The parent(s)/guardian(s) must complete an on-line transfer application.
    • Parent(s)/guardian(s) will provide transportation and ensure prompt and regular attendance in accordance with the compulsory attendance laws and district policies.
    • All transfers are based on availability of space, student attendance and discipline history.
    • All approved Intra-District transfers are effective for the years remaining at the school requested provided that student does not violate the District Student Code of Conduct. However, an approval does not guarantee transfers to the feeder campus upon moving within the district into grades 6th and 9th.
    • All approved Inter-District transfers are effective for one year and must be renewed annually.
    • PSJA ISD does not guarantee that transfers will be eligible for University Interscholastic League Competition. Some restrictions regarding athletics programs apply to newly transferred students, such as a high school student granted an Inter/Intradistrict transfer to any District high school shall be ineligible to participate in varsity competition in UIL school-sponsored athletics for one year from the date of entry into the receiving campus.
    • Questions concerning athletic eligibility can be addressed by contacting individual school athletic directors or by contacting the Athletic Department at (956) 354-2220.
    • Students receiving special education services may not be transferred, unless a decision by an ARD committee recommends that the transfer meets student’s educational needs
    • Students requesting enrollment/transfer in academic programs will be assigned according to the placement procedures of those respective programs.
    • Students who move to a new attendance area within the district, or out of the district boundaries during the school year must complete a transfer application at the time of the move.
    • Transfers may be revoked for attendance/tardies and disciplinary problems.
    • All voluntary transfer revocations must be done only at the end of the semester and/or year.
    • To avoid academic interruption, only one transfer is allowed within the school year at all grade levels.


    A transfer may be denied or revoked due to the following circumstance:
    1. A student has documented unexcused absences that meet the definition of truancy as outlined in policies at FEA.
    2. Conduct results in an assignment to in-school or out-of-school suspension or placement in the DAEP or JJAEP.
    3. Any other serious and persistent misconduct.
    4. Any other attendance, discipline problems or repeated failure by the student's parent or guardian to comply with parental responsibilities including failure to attend repeated conferences with teacher and/or administrator.


    If a transfer request is denied or revoked, the parent/guardian may appeal to the District administrator designated by the Superintendent for review of the decision. An appeal must be in writing and be received within fifteen (15) business days from the day on which the denial/revocation notification was received by the parent/guardian.
    For revocation appeals, the student will be allowed to remain in school until a final determination is made, provided no disciplinary action is in effect or pending against the student. A final decision shall be communicated to the parent/guardian in writing.
    Transfer appeals must be submitted in writing to the Office of Student Services.
    1. Complete a PSJA Transfer Appeal Form which may be found in the Pupil Accounting web.
    2. Submit the Transfer Appeal Form and any supporting documentation to the Office of Student Services by:
    • Mail – PSJA ISD, Office of Student Services, 601 E. Kelly, Pharr Texas 78577
    • Personal Delivery to the PSJA ISD Administration Building
    3. You will be contacted by the Office of Student Services to schedule an appointment for a decision to rendered.
    If the appeal is denied, the parent/guardian may appeal further through policy FNG(LOCAL) beginning with Level Two. A copy of FNG(LOCAL) along with the appeal forms may be processed at
    For more information, please contact the Office Student Services at (956) 354-2008.