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Students reach their AR goal for this six weeks & they celebrate with games and a sweet treat.

Author & Illustrator Carolyn Dee Flores visits our school and talks to the students about her books.

  • Words that need to be read every six weeks to meet goal at the end of the year:

    Pre Kinder- 2 points

    Kinder- 4 points

    1st grade- 20,000 words

    2nd grade- 50,000 words

    3rd grade- 100,000 words

    4th grade- 200,000 words

    5th grade- 400, 000 words

    PSJA Reading Laureate Program Reading by Degrees

    High School Diploma

    1st Grade- requirements 100,000+ words & 85% Average or higher

    Associate Degree

    2nd grade- requirements 250,000+ words & 85% Average or higher

    Bachelor’s degree

    3rd grade- requirements 500,000+ words & 85% Average or higher

    Master’s degree

    4th grade- requirements 1,000,000+ words & 85% Average or higher

    Doctorate Degree

    5th grade- requirements 2,000,000+ words & 85% Average or higher

    Magna Cum Laude (90 - 94 % Ave.)
    Summa Cum Laude (95-100 % Ave.)


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