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About the Program

  • Mission Statement

    At the College, Career and Technology Academy, our mission is to ensure that ALL students meet requirements for graduation prepared to succeed in institutions of higher education and/or the career of their choice. As advocates for all students attending CCT Academy, all stakeholders will foster relationships that support an atmosphere of respect and responsibility.


    Students are more likely to succeed when they feel connected to school where they are treated fairly and with respect and believe that adults care about them as learners and as individuals.
    Three school characteristics are evident in schools where students believe they are connected: (1) high academic standards coupled with adult support for learning; (2) positive relationships between adults and students; and (3) safe school environments.
    Evidence on school size supports three tentative conclusions: (1) smaller size is associated with higher achievement under some conditions (2) smaller schools improve achievement equity (3) smaller schools may be especially important for the disadvantaged.
    We believe in focusing on the four elements of effective instruction through a lesson cycle including quality, relevant, enthusiastic, instruction supported by assessment for learning and assessment of learning.


    Our vision is to inspire and motivate young adults to reach their full potential.


    To open a new alternative campus geared for those students who were not able to graduate from High School due to missing credits or not passing one or more sections of the TAKS.


    CCTA Enrollment Requirements:

    • Student must be PSJA Resident
    • Age 18-26
    • Senior Classification
    • Student must have at least 20 credits
    • Lack one or more STAAR EOC or TAKS test

    At CCTA you can: 

    • Obtain ALL requirements needed to receive your high school diploma
    • Attend South Texas College free of charge
    • Be mentored by dedicated professionals
    • Graduate from high school and start college today!

    "Pathways to a bright future"

Academic & Extracurricular Programs


School Hours

  • Students:

    Start 8:30 AM - End 4:10 PM


    Start 8:00 AM - End 4:10 PM