About the School

  • Gus Guerra Elementary Mission

    Our mission at Agusto “Gus” Guerra Elementary is to provide a balanced learning experience; one that challenges every student to engage in experiences that will equip them to become successful, well-rounded individuals of today’s multicultural, modern society. Our team at Guerra Elementary is ready and committed to collaborate with our parents and community to ensure that every student has the experiences and resources necessary to achieve the highest levels of success.

    Gus Guerra Elementary Vision

    Augusto “Gus” Guerra elementary students are actively involved and prepared to collaborate, compete and become multi-cultural life-long learners.

    Beliefs for Guerra Elementary

    1. We believe that the purpose of education is to prepare students to become productive and self supporting citizens.
    2. We believe that effective schools, given the proper facilities, should provide a warm, supportive environment, which fosters the whole child emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.
    3. We believe that a successful student is self-motivated, has self-esteem, communicates effectively, thinks logically, and is literate.
    4. We believe that excellent teachers are caring, open-minded, knowledgeable, patient, and willing to apply different methodologies knowing that our students are tomorrow's leaders.
    5. We believe that leaning is fun and an on-going process, which occurs when it is relevant,challenging, motivating and interesting.
    6. We believe that parents should be supportive, responsible, cooperative and involved in the education of their children by instilling the importance of an education and encouraging them to set and achieve goals.
    7. We believe that a quality instructional program includes a relevant, well-planned curriculum, which is motivational, consistent, and meets the various need of student.
    8. We believe that the community should be supportive, involved and well informed.

Academic & Extracurricular Programs

  • -Marathon Kids





    -Rangerettes Dance Team


Campus Improvement Plan


School Hours

  • Students: Start 7:55 AM - End 3:40 PM
    Teachers: Start 7:50 AM - End 4:10 PM

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