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    The Library has some exciting opportunities in store for you this school year. Our staff is ready and excited about this coming year and are committed to making the library your favorite place in the school.We strive to help all students and staff succeed. The Library maintains an extensive collection of printed and digital materials and assists learners in locating resources that match their academic and personal interests. A certified librarian and trained staff promote a culture of literacy, as well as model and teach information literacy. Students are able to make ethical, informed choices in an increasingly complex and evolving global environment. In our program, we strive to help students gain the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to effectively manage the vast amounts of information available to them. 


  • VISION - 

    A school library is an essential interactive collaborative learning environment that provides equitable physical and virtual access to ideas, information, and learning tools for the entire school community. 

    MISSION - 

    It is our mission to meet the educational and recreational reading needs of our learning community by providing resources, activities, and events that will assist patrons, students, faculty, and staff in becoming effective users of information, as well as develop the educational and recreational reading needs of our learning community.




    SUMMER READER - Reading Logs 

    Download a copy of the Summer Reading log  to type in or print out a copy to put in  your reading log. For more information about summer reading log deadlines, stop by the library. 


    This summer, students entering 9th-12th grades for the 2022-2023 school year will complete required reading.   click here for details.

    summer reading

     Click on the link for online resources for Summer Reading books

    Stop by the library for a copy of the book.


    TAYSHAS Reading list was announced and this year the committee selected some amazing books by some familiar YA authors. So, start requesting some titles to hold you over for the next few weeks. Please note that this list is designed for high school students. Visit the library to check out a good book. 




    Visit the library for more information about joining our Battle of the Books team.

    BOTB 22-23



    Log into MackinVIA™  to access your school's eBooks and educational resources. When you log into MackinVia you get access to all the resources.



    library incentives

    Looking for Literacy Stars at PSJA ECHS 

    Students are rewarded in the library for reading great books; prizes include a letterman jacket, a BEAR mug, a mini-iPad, and a gift bag. Challenge your students to read a million words or more by December. Students can choose a book, read it, and then take the Accelerated Reader test online. With every book read and tested, students will get a chance to win an IPAD mini, a letterman jacket, a Bear mug and restaurant gift cards. We will have a prize drawing every six weeks... Encourage students to read! #BEARSREAD



    Students visit the Library for a Step-by-Step Guide to completing a Capstone Project. 

    Students must complete a capstone project in order to graduate. The capstone project is a paper in which students examine and research a specific topic on a real-world issue. We begin our senior capstone projects by inviting local authors to speak in the library.




    Use your writing skills. Select your favorite book and tell us how the author's work changed your view of the world.

    Stop by the library to get more information.......






    Attend our Book Club meetings at the library. See your librarian for information on meeting times and dates. 

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