Welcome to PSJA Bear's Go Center Home Page. 
    The PSJA  Early College High School Go Center is a valuable resource for students in 9th-12th grade. Beginning as early as their freshmen year, students are encouraged to visit the Go Center for information to prepare them for life after high school.
    The following are the services and resources we offer:
    • College admission application lab workshops
    • Scholarship listing and applications
    • Test preparation materials and registration assistance
    • University Presentations
    • Computers and printers
    • Career exploration
    • Free ACT/SAT Test preparation http://www.collegeforalltexans.com/
    • College Application essay writing resources and guides
    • Financial Aid “FAFSA” individual assistance
    • Resumé assistance
    • Volunteer Service Information

    Together we hope to alleviate the stress and worry associated with the college admissions, scholarship and financial aid process; we hope to provide you with the information and assistance needed to make this process less complicated.
    We encourage all students to visit the Go Center  and let’s begin taking this college journey together.
    For questions, please contact our Financial Aid Officer, Ms. Valerie Reyes, at valerie.reyes@psjaisd.us.

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    * How to Find the Right College
    * How to Find the Right Career
    * How to Complete College Applications
    Texas College and Universities:  www.applytexas.org 
    Out of State or Ivy League Universities: www.commonapp.org  
    * Register for ACT or SAT with resources:
    Free Test prep for ACT: www.actstudent.org
    * Scholarships-  Local, National and State: APPLY!!!!
    * MCV4 Vaccination Information and Regulations: