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Reading Laureate Program

Members of the PSJA Reading Laureate Program sit and read as they continue to earn points towards their reading degrees. This club once known as the Millionaire's Reading Club, now gives the students the opportunity to receive a reading degree by reading a specific amount of words, for example Associates-250,000 words, Bachelors with 500,000 words and a Masters with 1,000,000. It is not an actual degree but it is a recognition of their reading accomplishment.

As our students get to high school, the Accelerated Reading Program is more on a voluntary basis, unlike at the elementary level where A.R. points are required. Our high school students continue reading, enjoying a good book and filling their minds with additional knowledge.
In order to receive this recognition, they must meet criteria such as taking A.R. tests, be reading at individual level and read independently. Our campus currently has 10 students that have received various levels of degrees and a few more that will surely receive an Associates by the end of the Spring Semester. 
We wish to Congratulate the following kids on their reading adventures, and Thank our wonderful Librarian Staff: Librarian-Mrs. Tina Olivarez and Alicia Gloria our Library Aide and our very supportive parents who encourage our kids to go the extra mile.  

Pictured Left to Rt...Jennifer Cruz (9th-Master’s), Perla D. Vega-Quezada (11th-Associate’s), Samantha Valencia (11th-Associate’s), Ana G. Hernandez (Master’s), Mariana Juarez (9th-Associate’s), Victoria Garza (12th-Bachelor’s), Paolo A. Maldonado (9th Master’s), Sophia E. Arista (9th-Bachelor’s), Not pictured are Breeanna M. Garcia (12th-Associate’s) and Jesus Garcia (11th Associate’s).