PSJA ISD Back to School Expo 2016


    August 9, 2016 from 10 am to 4 pm at the four PSJA ISD high schools

    (PSJA Early College HS, PSJA North ECHS,

    PSJA Memorial ECHS & PSJA Southwest ECHS)


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q – What can I expect to see if I attend the PSJA ISD Back to School Expo?


    A – The Back to School Expo is a one-stop shop for all of our parents. The Expo brings all resources to you in one place, helping you avoid traveling to different campuses if you have more than one child in the district.


    You can register your child for the 2016-2017 school year, purchase campus shirts, get needed immunizations at a low cost, learn about new programs & extracurricular activities and you will have the chance to meet your child’s principal and other staff members. We will also have school supplies as door prizes (first come, first serve).


    Q – I already registered my child for the next school year, why should I attend?


    A – Every school will have an information table where you will be able to purchase your child’s campus uniforms, and talk to campus administrators about new programs and extracurricular activities your child can be a part of. Several district departments will also be there to answer any questions you may have such as:

    • Pupil Accounting Dept. – can help with zoning, admissions, transfers and dropout prevention/recovery


    • Transportation Dept. – will provide bus routes based on address, pick-up/drop-off locations


    • Health Services Dept. – will provide immunizations at a low cost for all students (don’t forget the immunization cards)


    • College Readiness Dept. – will provide information about our early college programs and initiatives so your child can take college courses while in high school that prepare them to be successful in college


    • Dual Language Enrichment Program – will provide information about the district’s dual language program PK-12, where students can graduate bilingual and biliterate


    • Career & Technical Education Dept. – will provide information about college certification opportunities and continuing education in various fields


    • Parental Engagement Program – will provide information about the district’s parent volunteer program, continuing education for parents and about Project Care, the district’s after school program for students


    • Migrant Dept. – will provide information about district resources for all migrant students


    • Special Education Dept. – will provide information about district resources and programs for students with learning disabilities, speech impairments, physical and intellectual disabilities, emotional disturbance, autism, traumatic brain injury and visual & hearing impairments


    • Library Services Dept. – will provide information about the district’s Accelerated Reading program, BRIGHT Summer Readers and other campus based programs to increase literacy, plus they will be distributing free books, 3 per student


    • Athletic Department – find out what sports are available districtwide and pre-requisites


    • Fine Arts Department – find out what fine arts programs are available districtwide from music, dance, art and drama


    • PE Department – will provide information about the physical education program in the district and campus initiatives to increase activity and wellness


    • Child Nutrition Dept. – will provide more information about meals served to all students during the school year and their nutrition value


    • And more including Parks & Recs and Boys & Girls Clubs.


    Q – Where will the Expo take place?


    A – We will be hosting the Expo at the four district comprehensive high schools (PSJA Early College High School, PSJA North ECHS, PSJA Memorial ECHS and PSJA Southwest ECHS), the same day at the same time.



    Q – How do I know which site I should attend? Can I just choose any site?


    A – No, the schools will be grouped by feeder schools, so your child’s school will be present at one site only. Please see the link below for a group listing.


    Q – What if my child attends PSJA Thomas Jefferson T-STEM ECHS or one of the alternative campuses like PSJA Sotomayor ECHS, PSJA Ballew ECHS or CCTA?


    A – Representatives for these schools will be at all four sites; you can choose the one more convenient for you.


    Q – What do I need to take with me?


    A – If you still need to register your child please make sure to have the following:

    • Parent/Guardian ID (Valid Driver’s License, Texas ID, birth certificate, Resident Card)
    • Child’s original Birth Certificate
    • Child’s Social Security Card (optional)
    • Child’s Immunization Record (Must be up to date)
    • Proof of Residence (MUST BE PRESENTED ANNUALLY)                 

                                        -Current Utility Bill (water, light, or gas bill with parent name and address)

                            -Lease agreement/Renter’s contract                 

     -Notarized letter of residence (if applicable) if parents/students are living with a friend or relative who is the homeowner of a residence of the District.

                                        -District affidavit of residence.

    • Child’s Report Card, withdrawal form from previous school district and/or high school transcript.
    • Proof of Guardianship/Custody (if applicable) if a child is not living with his/her parents or if a child lives with only one parent, proof of legal guardianship or custody is required.


    If your child needs immunizations, don’t forget their immunization card. Immunizations will be provided at a low cost to students during the expo.


    Q – If I can’t make it, will you have an alternate date?


    A – No, but you can still register your child and purchase campus uniforms at the respective campuses before or after this date. The Expo brings all resources to you in one place, helping you avoid traveling to different campuses if you have more than one child in the district.




    Q – Where can I call if I have other questions not seen here?


    A – You can always call 354-2027 for more information. You can also visit our website www.psjaisd.us or like our Facebook Event @PSJAISD.